This is a page of videos I've created to show off my classroom, as well as to showcase some of the screencasts I have created for various classes and uploaded to YouTube. It also has a few handy videos I've located and want to share with my classmates and students, on how to create a more dynamic website with Google Sites.

Demonstrating how Google Sites, Slides and Scanning work. This is part of my daily routine, after drawing the "Daily Doodle," which students perform as a warm-up exercise.
The video above this text shows how to embed Blogger into Google Sites, so that it can have the same features that Weebly already has embedded in their product. I have not tested how well it works on the new Google Sites, but it must be similar, as the newer version is so much cleaner and more powerful than the previous.
This is a video of my classroom, as it existed when we first returned to school after COVID closed them all.
Add Apps to the Shelf on a ChromeBook